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Mini Coconut wax candle
Happiness mini candle

Happiness - Two Tealight Scented Candle Set Box

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This cute, coconut wax mini candle is closed in a tiny glass jar and will instantly make you happy! We have blended the best grade essential oils to create this uplifting scent that will fill the whole room with a happiness.

They might be tiny but because we use only the highest quality wax they will burn up to 8 hours. 


Free from animal-based ingredients and petroleum-based paraffin wax. Once a candle is finished you can wash the jar and re-use it or simply recycle it.

Pack of Two!

Burn Time: +8 hours each

We recommend burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hours.  

For more tips on how to use our Candles please go to Candles - Tips & Safety