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relax mini candle
relax mini coconut wax candle
relax mini coconut wax candle in jar
relax time mini coconut wax candle

Relax - Two Tealight Scented Candle Set Box

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This cute, coconut wax mini candles are closed in a tiny glass jar and will instantly make you relaxed! We have blended the best grade essential oils to create this uplifting scent that will fill the whole room with relaxing aroma. Enjoy few of them while having a relaxing bath.

They might be tiny but because we use only the highest quality wax they will burn up to 8 hours.


Free from animal-based ingredients and petroleum-based paraffin wax. Once a candle is finished you can wash the jar and re-use it or simply recycle it.

Pack of Two!

Burn Time: +8 hours each

We recommend burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hours.  

For more tips on how to use our Candles please go to Candles - Tips & Safety